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Meteorological station to forecast forest fire threats KIE^N GIANG - The provincial People's Forest Control Service has just implemented its first hydro-meteorological station for forest fire forecasting.

The VND 100-million station is designed to forecast weather, humidity, wind strength and movement covering the U Minh Thu*o*.ng forest and environs in order to aid forest fire prevention.

Though Kie^n Giang has seen no major forest fires in the last three years,officials feel the station's modern technology will both help reinforce their efforts and serve as a model for the other localities to learn from. - VNS

Protection forests planted in An Giang

AN GIANG - Some 2,356 ha of forest have been planted in mountains of the southern province of An Giang, three percent over the yearly plan, provincial officials report.

About 2,000 ha of the concentrated protection forests were planted in mountain areas with 70% success rate. Ten out of 11 districts and townships' residents have planted nearly one million trees for wind and flood breaks

The province has also prepared 1.6 million saplings for planting next year. - VNS

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