Welcome to the Mekong Delta Site


"The Mekong Delta" also known as "The Western Flood Plains" is:

  • an area situated amidst the Lower Mekong River branches, its tributaries, inter-connecting canals, lakes, ponds, creeks, seasonally flooded plains, rice fields, orchard gardens, conservation areas, villages and urban areas.
  • historically reclaimed, developed and inhabited by people of diverse ethnicity, culture and religion.
  • ecologically, geographically, demographically and economically envisaged as "The Mekong Delta", regardless of national borders and regional communities.


This public interest "Mekong Delta Web Site" is primarily designed to:

  • create, provide and exchange all information, data, experience and essays about the Mekong Delta, covering every aspect of history, geography, culture, environment, activities of all inhabitants of the region,fauna and flora paticular to the region.
  • publish freely accessible studies, opinions, pictures on various lifestyle activities of the Mekong Delta.
  • serve as a free forum and an information library to voice and propagate diverse opinions worlwide concerning the development of the region and the destiny of its people.


Operating as a public non-profit group, the MEKONG DELTA organization engages itself in:

  • scientific and cultural researches and/or studies involving all problems affecting the region with an aim to preserve its ecosystem, traditional culture and the welfare of its inhabitants.
  • publication of essays from scholars, technicians and experienced authors on the "Mekong Delta".
  • provide feedback and links to all organizations interested in the Mekong Delta development.


All Net surfers wordlwide, concerned and interested in the region are invited to:

  • browse these pages of "The Mekong Delta".
  • feel free to copy or reproduce the materials contained herein with optional references to the site.
  • send suggestions to improve the organization of this web site.
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